Faith in transcendence, transformation, and a divine flow in the physical body is a basic integer in the Africanist life/arts equation. This conviction is rooted in the traditional West and Central African philosophy that regards past/present/future as a continuum and predicates the physical life as lived in/within the spirit. —Brenda Dixon Gottschild, Black Dancing Body

I’m still in awe with these pictures! Photos taken by me! :)


so beautiful!

My sister is so gorgeous.
I don’t get it really.

I can see my nipples. 

Its me! 

you have the most beautiful hair i have ever seen. you seem like you have such a beautiful soul as well. definitely someone i look up to.

:-) thank you kindly.

Words to young dark skin black girls


"Put down the bleach. Your skin is not dirt that needs to be cleaned out like yesterday’s shirt. You are comprised of sienna, chestnut, and warm mahogany. Dark as the night sky, constellations are tucked neatly underneath your bones. Your skin reminiscent of the hot chocolate that warms winter nights. Like rings around a tree stump, you too have history etched into your melanin. Don’t let the glaring whiteness, blind you from the beauty that you are. "

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